New York City Times Square Interactive Panel Discussion about Mass Incarceration featuring MILWAUKEE 53206

November 15, 2017Keith

Through portal technology linking New York City’s Time Square to the 53206 ZIP code in Milwaukee, I hosted an interactive  discussion around mass incarceration using the themes from the documentary MILWAUKEE 53206.  My guests Dennis Walton and Lewis Lee of Made Men Worldwide both brought engaging perspectives on the issues and their work in the community.  Our audience included those working in criminal justice, activist and tourists who joined in the conversation.  This experience was made possible through our partnership with Shared_Studios, who brought the TimesSquare_Portal to the Broadway Plaza between 46th & 47th Street.

Debra Simon, Times Square Arts Director, said, “The TimesSquare_Portal is located in the perfect venue to encourage dialogue concerning global topics that impact everyone.”

Tim Tompkins, President of the Times Square Alliance, said, “This project brings a new level to Times Square’s moniker, the Crossroads of the World, letting us reach out globally to learn from each other.”

Amar Bakshi, Shared_Studios Founder & Creative Director, said, “Portals is about highlighting the incredible beauty and power that emerges from diverse human beings interacting across all forms of distance. Times Square and its surrounding community have long harnessed that power, and we are thrilled to see what emerges from Portals at this iconic location, with this dynamic community.”