Wunmi FITBODY (PUSH) Music Video Released

October 6, 2014Keith

I had a great time working with the AfroBeat Maven Wunmi and choreographers Ousmane and Joilynn. I’ve loved Wunmi’s music ever since I first heard her collaboration with Masters At Work on the tribute remake to Fela Kuti’s Expensive Sh*t. When her freshman album A.L.A dropped, I knew I had to work with her and I’m so happy I got the chance. Not only is she an amazing singer, songwriter and performer, but she is also a truly amazing spirit.

Midtnmusic.com wrote:
The Official FITBODY Video: an inspired sensual exploration brought to us by the innovative director Keith McQuirter. The video features a number of prominent dancers from New York’s underground scene, with choreography by JoiLynn and Ousmane ‘Tipton’ Wiles.

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